How to Stay True to Your Brand

If you’re a small business owner, you probably feel the pressure from all of your local competitors to stand out from the crowd in a creative way. Strategically developing a brand can be tough when the community around you already has so many unique concepts and personable businesses. What do I say about that, EMBRACE IT!

Your brand is your story, your vision, and your client’s experience. If you’re lucky enough to start a business in a diverse community of many other small business, there IS room for your voice and concept - I promise!

But I’m here to tell you, the number one way to stand out is by always staying true to your brand! While there are many key concepts of a brand {like color story, logos, imagery, and even playlists}, it is your job to make sure your team embraces these things that make you unique!

For example, before turning my side-hustle into my full-time career, I worked in property management. While my main goal was to lease apartments - I couldn’t change the fact that someone occasionally didn’t love the location, product, or price. That’s okay, and here’s why:

  1. You can’t make someone’s vision align with yours, they aren’t your customer and now you know!

  2. Now take that same person, they’ve experienced your brand and have a clear vision as to what they like or don’t like about it. However, I’m sure they have many peers that they know would LOVE your business and will end up referring them to you.

  3. Think about all of the customers that you have whose visions do align with those of your brand! I’m sure there are too many to count, and I’m almost positive they are your loyal customers who will keep returning, as well as bringing their network to experience your business!

You want your local community to come to your business for the experience and the way it makes them feel - what you sell is simply complimentary to that and will enhance that customer experience even more! If you make important business decisions, however, based on the opinions of the people who are not your customer, not only will you never see those people again {so it won’t matter that you changed a menu item, brought in a new style of clothing, etc}, you’ll also end up confusing your strong following and they may not return.

So staying true to your brand, while completely scary and easy to compare to other unique concepts, will ensure a strong following and drive big profits if you do it correctly! Don’t let the people who are not your customer control your concept - there are other places that can serve them in the way they want!

If you’ve created a strong brand, and therefore, and strong following, I’m sure you’ve already seen the benefits of staying true to your brand! If you’re still searching for those concepts that make you unique {other than your products and services}, start by discovering your ideal client! Click through to use my new, FREEBIE - 10 Ideas to Get You Started on Visioning Your Ideal Client + Creating Your Brand.

Victoria FutrellComment