Meet Victoria


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Brand Designer, Social Media Manager + Content Curator

Obsessed with:

  • mondays

  • Charleston

  • jimmy buffett

  • community

  • anything trendy

  • Instagram

  • good coffee

Designing my whole life, I have a passion for creating spaces and brands that inspire people. But more importantly, I have a passion for making people passionate about their passions. We live in a visual world and design is at the core of everything we do. I've spent the last few years growing my expertise in graphic design and social media management, while also learning the importance of exercising a creative brain.

From a young age I've been fascinated by colors, patterns, layouts and their affect on the human mind. My parents have always had a subscription to the popular Coastal Living Magazine - that's where the design monster inside of me began to grow. We received those magazines monthly and I would awe at the way designers could make something so special by incorporating meaning and style. This love for design began to grow so much so that I began drawing random designs in notebooks that I still have to this day. My sketches ranged from interior design drawings, to floor plans, to logos and even website banners. In fact, looking back on it I realize how odd that is for a pre-teen to do, but what can I say...I'm a planner at heart and those design magazines inspired me to do what I do best. And as I got older, I became fascinated with the way design influences people and how it can greatly help (or hurt) a business.

I made the strong decision to go to college for not only marketing and business, but also architectural preservation and community planning. Most people wonder why I paired these majors together when I first tell them, but I've learned that nothing has to go hand in hand in order for an education to work. Throughout my time studying at the College of Charleston, I learned all about the significance of what a brand (and fantastic brand management) brings to a business, but more importantly, what the history, stories, and design do too. 

And here I am today...working with clients and inspiring them to bring their stories to their brand while incorporating their surrounding community and target audience. And although I know there's still a lot of work ahead of me, I love the life I get to bring to businesses, and the expression on clients faces when their dreams are finally coming full circle.




Victoria brought a dose of clarity to our brand - which is something that we’ve been searching for for a long time. She presented the strategies and the meaning behind them in a clear and logical way, making the whole concept seem easy and attainable. Overall, she has made us very excited about the future of our brand and we are very thankful to be working with her!
— Ashley C.
I trusted Victoria to develop my website and logo because she seemed very determined and passionate to promote my product. Victoria took ownership of my brand and produced an amazing website that’s easy to use and a fun logo that fits my product, message and image; it’s all perfect! I receive numerous compliments on both and recommended her to several friends and acquaintances looking to start their own business. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my choice
— Rick O.
Way to go, Victoria! I am super proud and also not surprised at all. You are the very definition of style, creativity, and polish and we couldn’t be more lucky to have you!
— Anonymous
A second shout out to Miss Victoria for being made of pure sunshine and sparkles! I greatly appreciate all your help this week- you’re a true visionary!
— Elizabeth C.
Victoria has made her mark with her marketing progress: creating exciting Snapchat filters, innovating our branding approach, going above and beyond on every task she takes on.
— Kat G.