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 I’m not going to lie…

My story is complicated and not like one you’ll ever find on an ‘About’ page again.

I let my fears and anxiety control my life for too long growing up and always dreamed of a life that could be if I just let go and stopped living by what I thought was the rule book. And when I let go (aka went to college in Florida because of the warm weather and the cute little beach towns) I fell fast and hard and started paving my own way without ever looking back. I made decisions based on if I thought the opportunity sounded interesting and unique for me.

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 So no, my resume isn’t cookie-cutter, and no, I can’t write it all down and expect you to understand it, but I can give you glimpses of defining moments in my personal and professional growth.

Like when I…

  • Found out I had to pay for my entire college education the summer before freshman year and decided to work full-time while being a full-time student in order to get in-state tuition and pay my rent.

  • Transferred from Florida Atlantic University to the College of Charleston as a junior because I liked Charleston more. Then learned that the business school wouldn’t take my courses (but took my credit hours) and decided to major in Historic Preservation and Community Planning because architecture has always inspired me and I wanted to take authentic walking tours of CHS everyday.

  • Became a campus ambassador for Margaritaville to learn the skills of the marketing genius that is Jimmy Buffett, hung out with the Chief Marketing Officer down in Key West, and learned that in the words of Jimmy Buffett, “If you can make your avocation your vocation, life will be blissful.”

  • Took the leap of faith and quit my desk job at 22 years old because I knew I had more businesses to bring to life and community to create in Charleston, put positive energy into the universe, got that energy back, and started making double my salary to do what I love and now have the honor to work with dreamers like you.

but we’ll have to connect more for you to learn the full story and trust that I can take your business to the next level.

And don’t get me wrong - I don’t tell you all of this to make my life sound perfect, because it’s not! But I tell you all of this so you know that:

  • I rise up to the challenge always

  • I make bold moves when it feels right

  • I learn and grow alongside everyone I collaborate with

  • I have visions that I make come to life


I trusted Victoria to develop my website and logo because she seemed very determined and passionate to promote my product.

Victoria took ownership of my brand and produced an amazing website that’s easy to use and a fun logo that fits my product, message and image; it’s all perfect! I receive numerous compliments on both and recommended her to several friends and acquaintances looking to start their own business. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my choice

- Rick O.

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 Not ready to say goodbye?